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About Home for Dinner


The global pandemic overcame the world in 2020. Provinces went into lockdown, non-essential businesses had to temporarily close and people were instructed to shelter in place.

Throughout the year, lockdowns were lifted and restrictions were put in place, leaving our local restaurants in peril. Fallout from the pandemic also affected our most vulnerable populations, intensifying Niagara’s affordable housing crisis, leaving many families struggling to keep a roof over their heads. This is why we launched Home for Dinner in 2021.

Home for Dinner is a community fundraising initiative with the purpose of supporting local restaurants and Habitat Niagara’s home building program. Our results in year one totalled $30,000 for Habitat Niagara thanks to all who ordered takeout food and our generous community partners. Over thirty local restaurants participated, and the community ordered 15,425 takeout meals through this initiative, in turn generating $385,625 in revenue for the participating restaurants.

Home for Dinner 2022

During the month of May we are back with gusto growing the number of participating restaurants and community partners. When a customer’s takeout order totals a minimum of $25, sponsoring partners will donate $5 to Habitat Niagara.

Customers enjoy great food, happily support local businesses and help Habitat Niagara build affordable homes for local families. 

Everyone wins with Home for Dinner.

Are you ready to join us on this impactful journey?

above table view of people eating out of takeout containers
man holds bags with tagout food containers
food in takeout containers
man packs food in containers into brown paper bag